Interactive Floor Projection for Children with Special Needs

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For the Future of All Children

The FUTUREGYM team at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, has been working on the development of a large-scale floor projection-based Augmented Reality system in the gymnasium of the Otsuka Special Needs School, which is affiliated with the University of Tsukuba. Construction began in 2014 and operations started in 2015. Projection mapping technology, along with cameras and sensors, is used to measure the collective actions of children and project various information onto the floor and equipment based on their movements. This assists their actions and increases social interaction opportunities. We are working closely together with the teachers of the school to support the formation of social skills by observing and assisting changes in children's behavior through research and development of assistive technologies. Through innovative initiatives that harness advanced imagination and creativity, we have been expanding the possibilities of the future. We invite you to anticipate new developments in the ever-evolving FUTUREGYM as we strive to maximize children's potential.

Empowering People by Supporting Educational Activities

There are many situations where it is important to assess the characteristics of individuals facing difficulties, including developmental disorders, by observing their behavior in areas such as interpersonal relationships, sociability, and communication. Behaviors such as facial expressions, eye contact, voice, and gestures are interconnected in a series of chains within the environment, involving oneself and others. To clarify these causal relationships, it is necessary to observe the behavior of multiple individuals simultaneously. Sociability is a deeply emotional trait that involves the ability to learn from activities with others that cannot be achieved alone. FUTUREGYM, with its inclusive nature, aims to support the development of children's sociability, promote their growth, and stimulate new creativity. While verifying the educational effectiveness of children's activities, we also intend to utilize this facility as a place where various people gather, including not only students attending special needs schools, but also parents, local residents, and students attending regular schools. We aim to provide a space where individuals with and without disabilities can participate in activities together. Inclusive education can bring positive effects not only to children with disabilities, but also to children with invisible difficulties whose disabilities may not be recognized by others, as well as to all children.
“FUTUREGYM” represents not only the future form of the building, but also a facility for the future of all individuals who engage in activities there.

Supporting Interaction

Research to verify the effects on social formation and motor learning are being conducted. This support focuses on learning skills in the context of life career and physical activities. It supports the coordination of spatial-temporal movements between oneself and others, oneself and objects, and oneself and the environment by drawing interactive cues on the floor surface.

Empathic Designing

We provide support for creative activities through an empathic design approach, with involvement of school teachers and their students to design technology-assisted teaching methods. Through close discussions with teachers in the school, we collaborate to make decisions on projection design and develop research protocols.


We aim to simplify the operability of the system and promote its integration into schools as teaching materials and tools. We enable teachers to project slides they have created on their computers onto the floor surface as a display. This allows for the implementation of lessons based on the teachers' creative ideas.

Research Introduction

  1. Circle Run
  2. Constellation Game
  3. Mop Guide
  5. Mop Challenge
  6. CW, GW, DSG
  7. Painting Game
  8. Hoop Hunting
  9. Coloring Book Game
  10. Mini FUTUREGYM
  11. Project Based Learning
  12. Coming Soon…

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